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"Inspired by all living creatures, I pay close attention to my subjects personality and individuality. My work focuses on the subject alone, no distractions. This creates an opportunity to experience an animal’s sentient existence. I create an impression of it’s charm or temper ... whether it is with a gleam of an eye or a flare of a nostril. While painting, I strive to create lighting that is truthful to the surroundings without the confusion of its reality. I also aim to use my own photography as reference. That way, I can choose an odd stance or an unusual look to show movement, fluidity and nature, rather than a static pose. "

Lori Spradley is a painter, graphic designer and illustrator using all forms of media, including oils, acrylic, watercolor and color pencils. Lori has expertise in all subjects... Portraits of all Flora and Fauna, Landscapes and Graphics. Her favorite subjects are any animal, with the goal of revealing their inner spirit and personality.

Lori was born in Parma, Ohio and moved to Texas at the age of 13. She graduated The Art Institute of Houston in 1987 with a degree in Visual Communications. She currently resides in Dripping Springs, Texas with her husband Steve, son Jason and a hoard of pets, including 4 Texas Longhorns. 

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